COVID-19 Screening Toolkit for Employers

Every company is expected to carry out regular screening and testing of its workers in order to protect their health, the health of their colleagues as well as support the government in monitoring levels of risk.

MARPEMED has developed paperless online screening questions that align with the WHO and the Department of Health recommendations. A self-assessment tool to support the testing of workers, as well to increase their awareness of the symptoms and aid early detection of COVID-19.

The pre-screening assessment takes under three minutes to complete and is carried out by the employee on their own device (a mobile phone is a recommended device).

This exercise involves a set of screening questions for each employee before clearing them to enter the worksite. It also creates the potential of having COVID-19 exposed employees report to work and exposing their co-workers in the process.

When the employee fills out the questionnaire and they will either get a green clearance code or a red stop code.

An employee with a green clearance code can quickly show the employer (or a health official) their smartphone display with the code as they report to their worksite and proceed with any additional steps in the employer’s screening process.

Employees will receive a red stop code if the responses suggest that the employee has symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or may have been exposed to someone with COVD-19. The employee will be asked to contact their employer to receive guidance on what to do based on whether they are symptomatic for COVID-19 or have just potentially been exposed. The process will then involve getting the employee tested for Covid-19 by an accredited laboratory.

Employers will provide physical screening at the work entrances to ensure that every employee is still screened for Temperature and other Respiratory symptoms regardless of showing a green or red clearance code.