MARPEMED intends to roll out Mobile Health Apps that cater for Adolescent girls, Pregnant Moms, Child Development, Health information platforms, Personal Health Monitoring, Personal Health Record etc to encourage communities and individuals to access information and resources to stay healthy.


MARPEMED also intend to to install TV Screens in Clinics, Hospitals and Doctors Practices across South Africa with the aim of partnering with Pharmaceutical companies & Government in educating the nation on public healthcare matters in order to promote a healthy lifestyle to various communities.


Marpemed Medical Media targets to have over 3,500 screens strategically placed in health practices across South Africa. We plan to partner with advertisers from the Pharmaceutical Industry, Government departments, Pharmacies etc to deliver rich and engaging content to reach millions of viewers per month.


Digital technologies are playing a critical role in digital health today. The use of digital platforms to teach, educate and train communities will help in early disease prediction that will lead to behavioral changes that prevent and eliminate sicknesses.